Catalogue work to reduce cost to customers
Nishanth KD
November 22, 2017

Catalogue for Cost Effectiveness

I recently interacted with a friend and potential client, Clive Piper. Clive runs an investment firm and had been facing issues with his business. He figured that a marketing website could solve his problems. However, he wanted to experiment first with something low cost.

In ColoredCow, as a practice, we make sure to catalogue all our work. Everything that can inspire us in the future or could be re-used is catalogued. When Clive, came up with his problem we went through our catalogues instead of conceptualising from scratch. By re-using code and taking design inspirations from the catalogue we figured a niche solution for Clive.

Inspire and Re-use, not Copy

This exercise can be confused with copying, in which case all our websites will look the same. However, it’s far from the truth. When an automobile company designs a new car, there is a lot that is picked up from predecessor models. We see what innovation we can leverage from the past and use it to add value to the current problem.

Cost Effective and High Value

Cost effective does not imply we sell customised websites cheap. The money saved from cataloguing is used to innovate further for our clients, which brings a higher value to them at the same costs. In case of Clive’s business, we just stopped at the bare minimum instead of building further because the value addition of a website to his business was yet to be verified. Cost Effective!

If you are interested in knowing more about how to catalogue and be cost-effective, I’ll be writing more on that soon.