Nonprofits: Leveraging Data Analytics for Greater Impact
Lakshita Narang
January 18, 2022

Since our inception in 2014, ColoredCow has partnered with various social development organizations that have been empowering communities through technology – be it self-defense training, re-initiating the green revolution, or educating youth in artificial intelligence. With our expertise in technology and innovation, we have supported these extraordinary non-profit organizations by increasing automation, data-driven decision-making, and helping them to focus on their core mission with technology acting as an enabler.

Challenges Faced by Nonprofit Organizations

With this technology, nonprofits generate and collect a lot of data. But actually deriving meaningful insights from that data, and converting knowledge into action, is easier said than done. A survey by Every Action points that most nonprofit organizations feel that they are not aware of the possibilities of how data impacts their work and decision-making. And even if they do know about it, they don’t have the right tools and a dedicated data analysis team that can help them make well-informed and sound decisions.

Creating Efficient Solutions to Incorporate Big Data

This is where ColoredCow comes in. We take the complexity out and turn it into something simple and actionable. We want to make sure that they can leverage analytics to improve their fundraising efforts, assess and analyze the impact of their operations, create predictive models, and optimize fund allocation so that they can then tie that together with the tools to maximize their impact. 

We believe in creating an ecosystem where nonprofits can adopt business analytics with ease and embrace the power of data and technology to create an even greater impact on society and the communities they serve. We have made good progress in achieving this goal and we wish to work on this even further.