Questions to ask yourself, before applying for a new job
Pankaj Kandpal
December 28, 2022

Do you feel stuck at your current job and still want to pursue a Software Development career? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself before switching.

  1. What’s your current learning stage in terms of career?
    • Do you feel it’s great? what’s so good about it?
    • If you feel it’s not good? Think about what’s not good or what’s not working out
  2. You must be doing something in your current job. Do you think the work is aligned with your aspirations? To think of this, you need to figure out
    • What is your aspiration with the career you want to build?
    • What’s the growth journey you envision for yourself?
  3. If you are not happy with the current situation you are in, what’s your plan to make it better? Is it something you can change in your current job as well?
  4. What are your achievements in your current job? Are those achievements aligned with your career aspirations?
  5. There might be circumstances where you need to start things from scratch to build the career you aspire to.
    • Do you think you can start from scratch?
    • Are you aware of the constraints if you can start from scratch?
    • Do you have an awareness of your strength and weaknesses?
  6. What skills do you possess to take the organization (where you are applying next) one step ahead? Not the generic ones like hard work, patience, and quick learning, but more of qualities through which you can generate some value and bring immediate results towards growth.