Why you should rewrite applications to Laravel
A success story of Liferay (Java) to Laravel (PHP)
Nishanth Kaladharan
Tech Lead

Rewriting applications is a common reality of business. It helps products evolve and survive through time. This talk focuses on when you should rewrite and how you can make it successful with Laravel.

To take it further, we would consider the rewrite of an enterprise grade application from the Liferay framework to Laravel. The rewrite helped business to launch an improvised product and become profitable.


Session Details

  1. How to know when you should consider a rewrite? Know how it aligns with the business goals.
  2. Why to choose Laravel and how to make the most out of it.
  3. Looking closely at the rewrite of an application from Liferay framework (Java) to Laravel (PHP). How it helped an organisation to evolve and become profitable.
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