Developing Interfaces
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If you are just starting your journey on web development, this is a session for you!

Learn the basics of front-end programming and tools to make awesome web pages.
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Mohd Shamoon
Mohd Shamoon
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Developing Interfaces
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What is the program plan?

Day 1 – Introduction to the Art of Software Development

Begin with defining the problem statement we’ll be solving during the BootCamp. You’ll learn how to prepare your devices by setting up Git, creating a repository, and installing Code Editor.


Day 2 – Defining the tech stack and architecting the application

Collectively, we identify which technical components are needed and discuss possible solutions. Following that, we pick a tech stack and create a file structure to kickstart implementation.


Day 3 – Launching a live software

We map the SDLC with the work we have done in the past two days to define the design and development of the product. Lastly, we test and launch production-ready software.