ColoredCow Internship

Short term (2 mo)

May to July (2024)

January to March (2024)

Long term (6 mo)

January to June (2024)

July to December (2024)

Internship Experience

Internship Details

Shout out to the students for real world experience. ColoredCow offers internship for short and long term periods to ambitious students. Short term happens during May to July and December to February. Long term happens during January to June and July to December. You will build an application under our guidance. We will launch it for the world to use and you to show off.
What's in it for you:
Active learning. A professional network. A shiny resume. Lessons from industry experts. Your Future Employers!
Who is it for:
If you have a passion for programming and a craft of coding and you study in an engineering college, then hop onboard.
Application process
1. Introduction (Form and resume)

Fill out the form below and attach your resume and linkedin profile so we know how you project and feel about yourself
2. Video Call

We formed an impression of you, it’s time to bring that to life. We’ll have a video call (using skype or hangout) to get to know you, your background, your interests and you can ask all your questions from us.
3. Technical Assignment + Interview

We’ll find a suitable time to meet and test your subject knowledge. We’ll get a chance to spend some time with you and see how you work with the team.


Please upload PDF document only

Experiences shared by our interns