I met ColoredCows today
June 12, 2015

KD, a friend of mine who is the lead developer at ColoredCow called me, saying that I should join ColoredCow, because the company was scaling up. He knew that I could code really well in Java and that it would be an awesome thing to explore whole new world of web development. He told me about the company and the work culture (more on this later) and then went on to talk about what ColoredCow expected from me. I ended up saying yes. From what made sense to me, all they had asked for was a smile on the face and a code in the head. How could I say no. I could do both the things and sometimes, at the same time.

My first day at ColoredCow,

Neither did I have a smile nor the code. I think nervousness did a great job that day. I met the ColoredCow Team, or more appropriately ColoredCow Family. A family that reused Absolut bottles to drink water from, and where coder sometimes became the cook. So while I smiled to myself, still without a code, enjoying the office culture, someone tapped on my head, “Hello Madam, Where do we start from” , this was Prateek Narang, the founder of ColoredCow. In conversation with him, I got to know one major thing about myself- I had nothing to offer from tech background except my prowess in JAVA. The happy part was, Prateek decided to take small steps with me. Rather than a job, this was going to be a journey where I would learn new languages and skills to fit in better.

– Aishwarya Sharma