Explore the adventures of crafting software
Skill program for engineering, design and business students in the hills.
in participation with 20+ colleges in the hills
Does creating a perfect software interest you?
Do you feel hills stop you from getting new opportunities?
Are you looking for mentors and new ways to learn?
Do you like to challenge yourself to improve your skills?
If you answered yes for these, CodeTrek is right for you.
Grow your skills around software development
with a guided project implementation
CodeTrek is a collection of sessions that will help you build a better career. We designed training sessions for you to grow your skills through practical implementation.

How it works

Apply for any session you’re interested in. There are various skills to choose from.
clear session
Clear the selection process. Many students in the hills apply for the spot.
Get help from mentors regarding feedback and evaluation of your progress.
Past Sessions
Though complete, you can reserve your seat by filling the form inside.
Selection Process
1. Introduction
After you’ve applied for the session you’re interested in, we will send you a few questions to introduce yourself.
2. Video Call
A face to face talk (over skype) will help us know you, your passion, your interests and you can ask all your questions from us.
3. Tech and You
We’ll test your subject knowledge and figure out how we can work together to grow the skills.
A giant step towards the peak
CodeTrek Experience
Levelled up against all odds
CodeTrek alumni
Mohd Shamoon
Bipin Dangwal
khushboo Dhiman
Sanchit Bajaj
Sai Teja
Bhumika Tewari
Eshant Bist
Nidhi Verma
Saurav Joshi
Upasana Khati
Abhishek Pokhriyal
Himanshu Dhiman
Mohit Gusain
Shubham Joshi
Vivek Amola
Vikram Tanwar

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