Product (digital) Design
why learn product design?
About the session
A product design session where the focus is to solve problems of a real-life situation through a software, by using a design process.
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Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma
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Product (digital) Design
Session Details

What all you will learn

Through this session, you will learn to craft satisfying software solutions for the real world. You will go through the basics of problem solving and various steps involved in UI/UX leading up to a digital product.

Session plan

Phase 1
Gathering requirements
Writing the problem statement to confirm we’re headed in the right direction and to fix the scope of problem.
Identifying the current scenario, for what was not working and gathering all that is required for the solution to work.

Phase 2
Creating a flow and making connection in the requirements to evolve a working solution. We should start figuring out what steps and actions will be required for the solution to work.

Phase 3
Visualising the workflow. We’ll have a rough sketch of the interface required for the solution.

Phase 4
Usability testing
Our eye alone is not enough to finalise the solution. We’ll verify from the real user if they also find the solution to be working.

Phase 5
We’ll finalise the typography, color scheme and interaction guidelines of the software and make it pixel-perfect which is how our user will experience the software.