Hiring for Culture, Training for Skills

By ColoredCow

August 23, 2017

You spend a third of your lives at work. That is a lot of time. Time that impacts varied aspects of your lives and has the potential to greatly influence your identity, mental peace, and growth. If work is what you do the most then choosing it should be a…

WordCamp Delhi 2017. How we took it.

By Vaibhav Rathore

August 21, 2017

We attended WordCamp Delhi 2017, held on August 19th at NDMC Convention center, New Delhi. We registered one month prior and were excited to attend the camp.   Quick Flashback When I joined ColoredCow, WordPress didn’t mean more than any other framework to me. I wasn’t even confident if it’s “the…

My first Internship.

By Sanchit

June 19, 2017

Hello Reader, I am a budding designer from School of Design Studies, Dehradun. Before telling you about my first internship, I would like to tell you something about my journey so far. Getting into college after 12th was not that tough for me but settling into a new environment was….

Painting hope in hills

By Adiba Ahmed

June 12, 2017

It is not every day you hear that someone decides to paint a ghost village with life lessons. Yes, you read it right, I am talking about painting an abundant village with life lessons of people who lived there. And yes, I agree you don’t hear that at all!  …

Celebrating a year of togetherness with Vaibhav

By Adiba Ahmed

June 8, 2017

This morning when we all walked in our office, a pleasant surprise awaited us. To our delight, we were greeted by boxes of sweets! With sugar lovers in the house, it was a happy kick-start to the day. What added more to the sweetness was the reason for celebration. Vaibhav…

How to find an internship that boosts your career

By ColoredCow

May 8, 2017

  Before we talk about ways to find an internship that can help your career. Let’s first pose a simple question, What is your reason for doing an internship?  Why would you go for one?   Is it about earning money, getting exposure or just getting a certificate of experience….

How clarity of purpose improves employability chances

By Adiba Ahmed

May 5, 2017

Sometimes while aiming for the higher rungs on the ladder we overlook the fundamental steps. Clarity of purpose, tends to be one such neglected step. A clear blueprint of what you wish to do and what would it take to be there increases chances of achieving it. So all the…

Why WordPress Reach does not converts into high revenue WordPress Services?

By Tushar Bohra

May 2, 2017

WordPress in recent times has become a hugely popular platform to build a variety of web apps. It started off as a simple blogging platform but very soon evolved into a lot of different dimensions. With recent updates, we now have support for API developments in as well. Currently, more…

ColoredCow: A Name, An Identity, A Reflection

By ColoredCow

May 1, 2017

A name, a word that creates an identity. An identity that we hold closest to our existence and which in turn forms the starting point of every introduction we make. The sound of one particular word that is so deeply engraved that we remember it even in a crowd. With…

My first day at ColoredCow

By Shubham Joshi

April 27, 2017

“Some beautiful paths can’t  be discovered without getting lost.”       -Erol Ozan I am beginning with this quote. why?? It’s because I was lost once. After completing my graduation from THDC-IHET a college which is situated in a place as beautiful as paradise but with no promise of career growth at…

Including meditation in routine for better well being

By ColoredCow

April 25, 2017

In a slow but progressive manner, we see organizations around the world moving towards a people-centered functioning. Making new policies and including different activities in their schedules to pave way for a healthy and motivational environment for their employees. The intent can be debated but if done genuinely a people-centered…

Enhancing the learning curve with a mentor

By ColoredCow

April 19, 2017

The world has seen multiple examples of successful mentorship relations. A lot of the most influential people in history were encouraged to succeed by some of the most well-known people of our time. For example, Oprah Winfrey, best known for her talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show, was mentored by…

Town Hall Meetings: Incremental in a transparent way of functioning

By ColoredCow

April 17, 2017

Transparency by its fundamental nature tends to give way to trust. This can be with respect to any relation or dealings that one creates, in particular, if we talk about this with respect to an individual and his organization, transparency is highly important but most of the time not valued…

Induction Process Step 1: Feeling Welcomed

By Adiba Ahmed

April 14, 2017

Take a second, go back and think about your first day in school, work or any new thing you started with. Do you remember that giddy feeling you had before each of those new events. Whether veteran or rookie, we all are graced by those initial moments of nervousness, those…

Write To Share

By Adiba Ahmed

April 12, 2017

As humans, we are gifted with an evolved way of communication. We not only express ourselves through words and gestures but also through intricate ways like music, art, and literature. Each of these forms of expressions gives us an advantage of expressing what we think and feel with clarity. This…

Implementing modified role based access control in Laravel

By ColoredCow

April 10, 2017

Access control is an important aspect of any system dealing with sensitive content. At ColoredCow, we recently worked on a healthcare system and one of its key requirement was having an ACL system to enable secure and efficient handling of data.   Key specifications that we identified from the requirements…

Shaping life in hills

By ColoredCow

April 7, 2017

“It is always the same with mountains. Once you have lived with them for any length of time, you belong to them.”   – Ruskin Bond (Rain in the Mountains: Notes from the Himalayas) Mountains have always had high importance for mankind. They have been considered the abode of Gods,…

Living the hill journey

By ColoredCow

April 4, 2017

  The inauguration ceremony is done, we have started working from our Tehri office, it has been a month and it still feels like a dream. Having a workplace on top of a hill feels no less than a natural retreat. In this serene environment, we have tried to blend…

From Gurgaon to Tehri: How The Hill Chapter Started?

By ColoredCow

April 4, 2017

  ColoredCow started its official journey 3 years back in Gurgaon, the Millennium City of India. The city that caters more than 250 of Fortune 500 companies and houses many Gen-Next entrepreneurs. We started our journey from this place, the place that inspires many from it’s ‘rags to riches’ story,…

Incubation center a new window of possibilities

By ColoredCow

March 29, 2017

The process or the phase of incubation fundamentally helps each organism to develop and be prepared for the external world, incubation provides right conditions to grow and be ready to survive. Inspired by the concept of incubation we have seen a lot of countries over the years using a similar…

Benefits of working with us to build a product

By ColoredCow

March 14, 2017

Building a great product for you shouldn’t be about managing teams and coordinating its design and development. While you figure out the market, and develop the business plan for your product we empower you to do so with the following benefits:   Stand Out Differentiate your business with custom softwares…

How we screen resume quickly and effectively

By Adiba Ahmed

March 2, 2017

RESUME SCREENING We at ColoredCow use this simple algorithm to screen resume, cover letters, google forms or linked.in profiles that we receive for hiring. So far this method has never failed us and every time we use it our conviction for the technique increases. To get shortlisted, a candidate should…

My first day as an intern

By Adiba Ahmed

February 6, 2017

Thinking about all the new beginnings, all the first days of my life I was walking towards ColoredCow. Anxious and nervous, imagining all the things I can mess up in. Wishing that somehow it all goes normal and I don’t end up making a fool of myself. Isn’t that what…

Why website templates aren’t good for your business.

By ColoredCow

December 30, 2016

A website solves a business problem. It is not just a page for people to find your phone number and address. It helps you gain more customers by engaging with them, by telling about yourself and your product. It ultimately helps you sell a proposition. When people talk about you…

How to build a great product

By Abhishek Sharma

April 3, 2016

There are two parts to building a great website (or any product for that matter). One, to explore the story behind that product; a story that brings the purpose in perspective. Purpose is generally constant throughout the project (unless the problem you’re trying to solve changes). This constant will keep…

Getting the client of your choice

By Abhishek Sharma

March 8, 2016

It is great chance if your clients think the same way you do. The journey of working together becomes rewarding and enjoyable. Such was our situation with our client the Predictive Strategy Group. It was exciting to just hear about their product but after using it, I was a believer…

Why website templates aren’t good for your business.

By Abhishek Sharma

October 5, 2015

A website solves a business problem. It is not just a page for people to find your phone number and address. It helps you gain more customers by engaging with them, by telling about yourself and your product. It ultimately helps you sell a proposition. When people talk about you…


By Abhishek Sharma

September 28, 2015

There’s something not right about handshakes. I mean, it is a good symbol of warmth and showing interest but it must not be used as means to an end. A good handshake holds a lot of responsibility, it should not be substituted for communication by overdoing it. I’ve seen people…

Our Business Card

By Abhishek Sharma

September 25, 2015

Small pieces of paper that carry information about how one could reach you but not about why they should reach you. What leaves the lasting impression of why one should get to you is the kind of service you deliver and the way you made your customer feel. If your…

Ship it

By Abhishek Sharma

September 23, 2015

To ship it is to let your work float out into the ocean. If you think you’ll perfect your work first and then send it out, you might end up taking forever. Imagine facebook’s fate if they had waited to launch their site till they had perfected the ‘like’ button,…

Finding treasure

By Abhishek Sharma

August 15, 2015

Money isn’t necessary to make us feel rich. People are precious jewels and much more treasure worthy than money will ever be. But people do not come with a red mark ‘X’ on their heads like those treasure maps. You have to be on constant journey with a shovel ready…

Iterate or perfect

By Abhishek Sharma

August 12, 2015

Perfection isn’t achieved in one go. This is the toughest fact of life because to accept this means you will have to work much more and much harder to get there. If you witness something perfect, and you know it isn’t a result of beginner’s luck or a fluke then…

What a difference a day makes

By Abhishek Sharma

August 11, 2015

Despite doing the work you love, there will be times when you start observing a pattern, regularity. This will be easy to overlook because you love your work. You wake up each morning, excited to go to work only to do the same thing you have been doing for a…

First step for creativity is to Ignore Everybody

By Abhishek Sharma

July 26, 2015

Hugh Macleod’s book ‘Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys to Creativity’ comes from a great experiential learning. His ideas are profound and ripe and they made a connection with me. There was a lot of truth in his voice; I wonder why he preferred to call it ‘keys to creativity’…

Rework Review

By Abhishek Sharma

July 16, 2015

I would recommend Rework to anyone starting their own business. What I think of the book: If you are running on a business model designed by your grand-father, or as an individual you strongly believe in one way of working and wouldn’t change it for the world, then Jason Fried…

Shipping Good Experience to Client

By ColoredCow

July 4, 2015

If you are in a service sector and you deal with many clients, then work related turbulence with some of the clients is inevitable. There can be many reasons for this; you might fail to prioritize the tasks owing to the many clients, there could be some error on your…

Roger That

By Abhishek Sharma

July 2, 2015

There was a time in college when I would get mails from my professors and I had a problem in responding them. I did not know how to say to them what I wanted to say. What I mean is, I doubted myself if I was saying the right thing….

Read Read Read

By Abhishek Sharma

June 30, 2015

When you read, outside noise is suppressed giving way to your inside voice. It is like meditation. At ColoredCow, we give a lot of importance to reading. More than an advice, reading has become a part of our culture. We have a list of books that we want each of…

Over Commitment is a Vice.

By Abhishek Sharma

June 29, 2015

At school, the homework came with a due date and I had to adhere to it. There were times when I’d reach home with a huge load of work from all the subject teachers with very less time to finish it. I was forced to overcommit. I couldn’t argue with…

What is the best way to learn new technology?

By ColoredCow

June 26, 2015

If someone asked me whether I wanted to learn something new every day, I would raise my hand every time. But there is more to it than just raising a hand which is the “HOW” of learning. Learning a new technology is a roller coaster ride, it is not that…

The Kitchen Experiment or How Cooking Has Molded Colored Cow

By Abhishek Sharma

June 22, 2015

Companies these days are taking unconventional approach to impart values and culture into their people. We realized how one such approach was unknowingly building ours. Colored Cow is a small company and we prefer to cook our own food. We buy groceries on a Sunday and stock our fridge for…

Women in Colored Cow

By ColoredCow

June 20, 2015

It was 12 minutes past 8 in the night and I saw 3 women coming out of the meeting room, all of them from different age groups. I did not dare ask for their ages, they looked vibrant and enthusiastic. I should be crazy to have bound their energies by…

Puzzled by the amount of learning I need to do

By kd

June 19, 2015

Have you always wanted to build eye-catching, making-dent-in-the universe user-interfaces? Flash Back – 2013 I had always wanted to get into web design and development. Fancy aesthetic user interfaces that make you feel cool. I applied my perfectionist approach to it and started collecting the stuff I need to know…

Response to a Newsletter by 9 Clouds on Snackification

By Abhishek Sharma

June 15, 2015

We have been sharing our thoughts on all things digital and a part of it covered digital communication. Prateek read a newsletter by 9 Clouds which talked about the same, so we decided to write our own post as a critique of the newsletter. Please read the newsletter before you read further;…

Building a Stage

By ColoredCow

June 13, 2015

At Colored Cow, we’re trying to identify and build a community of people who are passionate about technology. We want to give back to this community all that we have learnt through our experience. We’re doing it by creating a platform for them. On www.meetup.com, we found a group of…

It’s not a 9-to-5

By ColoredCow

June 12, 2015

In one corner of the office I saw a bar stool standing tall with dignity amidst the business environment. Little did I realize that it was the chair that KD was talking about, the chair that ColoredCow got for him, for he is at his best when he is on…

Learning an Alien language

By ColoredCow

June 12, 2015

I know a way to learn something new- jump in. Javascript and Ajax presented themselves to me as alien’s languages. Despite having an edge in object oriented languages I had an initial hitch when the time came for me to learn new ones. I leapt at the chance of learning…

I met ColoredCows today

By ColoredCow

June 12, 2015

KD, a friend of mine who is the lead developer at ColoredCow called me, saying that I should join ColoredCow, because the company was scaling up. He knew that I could code really well in Java and that it would be an awesome thing to explore whole new world of…

Thank You Mohit

By ColoredCow

June 8, 2015

Thank You Mohit!   And this is how Mohit helped us:     -Abhishek

How Naveen Molded Me

By ColoredCow

June 8, 2015

A common problem that one faces today is how to move from ‘Hello World’ problems to building world class integrated systems with complex use cases that are closely coupled with each other. Here is my story on how i evolved from “Hello World” to building two online marketplaces, starting a…

The day we ganged up and started building the future

By ColoredCow

January 11, 2015

It started with an informal meeting. Post this meeting, Mohit Pawar, Gautam, Naveen and Deepti joined us for another discussion. The agenda was to give Mohit a clear picture of where we stand as a company, which would help him identify our shortcomings as a team and as individuals. After…

Your business don't need a Website

By ColoredCow

March 12, 2014

Or your business don’t need a Facebook page, or a Twitter account, or anything of that sort if you don’t have answer for the following question – What are the 3(at least!) most important outcomes that you wish to get from your website(Facebook, Twitter, etc)? Outcomes could either be actions…

Do you have enough Customers to survive?

By ColoredCow

January 28, 2014

You started your business with a dream of turning your greatest passion into creation of a road to freedom and independence. Unlike so many people who just talk about it, you put your neck on the line with a dream to grow and prosper. You’ve been running your business for…

Know your Customers

By ColoredCow

January 24, 2014

Every business owner knows that it’s very important to know his or her customers. Even then in my last five transactions, I’ve done with local businesses, nobody tried to know me. Why? They don’t have time to make any effort for this! They don’t see any value in it! May…

Growth opportunities for Indian SMBs

By ColoredCow

December 25, 2013

My shopping patterns have changed significantly over the last few years. Thanks to the advances in the technologies, my experiences of getting things done is getting better and better. Like, for quite some time now all the books I’ve purchased were purchased online. I don’t remember the last time I…