Training for effective communication

By Nishanth KD

October 15, 2019

We’ve struggled with communication. First, in about 80% of all interviews, we observe prospects failing at communication. Whether they are from reputed Tier 1, Tier 2 colleges or not so known Tier 3 colleges. Second, those who got picked showed large scope for further improvement. Third, when we internally evaluated our team,…

Can hills be the next software development hub?

By Abhishek Sharma

October 10, 2019

  ColoredCow believes that the hills of Uttarakhand, India have a lot of untapped potential. There are a lot of talented people in the hills. Particularly students from various engineering colleges. The terrain itself can be harnessed for a greater productivity and livelihood generation. We believe software development specifically can…

Why you should not wait anymore to build an online donation page

By Sambhavna

May 18, 2019

Non-Profits need funds to create impact and successfully run their operations. Organizations use different methods to fundraise but one thing that most social sector organizations still use is the offline method of collecting donations. We wondered why the shift from offline to online fundraising did not take place amongst many…

Traditional resume is dead. Time to create a 21st-century resume

By Sambhavna

April 10, 2019

At ColoredCow, we love it when we receive resumes! However, many times these resumes don’t adequately tell the story of the person who wrote it. We know that there is more to it than that document. That’s why we wrote an article to guide applicants, especially freshers – what to…

A Laravel package for a consistent workflow

By Pankaj Agarwal

July 26, 2018

ColoredCow has been working on Laravel for the past 3 years. In this time period, we have learned a great deal about coding from the way the framework is architected. We have also vastly grown in terms of processes around development following some of the practices that are built into…

How students can benefit through our Training Programs

By Abhishek Sharma

June 17, 2018

From our experience of having interacted with hundreds of students and many academic institutions, over the years, the hard truth established is that there’s a gap between the talent/skills the industry needs and what the education system is imparting. On industry’s part, it is tough to prepare the students for…

Guidelines for Interviews over Video Call

By ColoredCow

June 1, 2018

How to prepare, manage and succeed in your Google Hangout/Skype Interview.   Your interview creates your first impression for people you want to work with. You start a new journey and open new possibilities with an interview. When it is so important then why not give your best in it….

How Laravel helped a software development company in India achieve dream processes

By Vaibhav Rathore

May 27, 2018

Quick background Small businesses like us face the following problems: Our data is fragmented across various tools. There’s no connection between them. Finances are managed at one platform while hiring at completely different. Difficult tracking organizational activities. Small updates in emails and Chat/Slack are getting harder to track as data…

Cultivating a culture with values and shared beliefs

By Tushar Bohra

May 2, 2018

What’s needed to fulfill the mission to do great work and be successful? It’s not only the skills, but also how you behave, your attitude towards your work that makes it great and leads you to become successful. Your behaviour is highly influenced by your environment. At ColoredCow, we believe…

Security practices for healthcare application

By Pankaj Agarwal

April 24, 2018

For any software application, security is an integral part of the package that the customers must receive. It is one of the vitals of an application instead of being an afterthought. Security risks such as data loss, data theft, malicious activities or coming under an automated attack are a reality…

Practices we follow at ColoredCow for project management

By Abhishek Sharma

April 10, 2018

Being connected with the clients To understand the business requirements and align with their product goals. To resolve the abstraction of converting business requirements to working features and creating a smooth delivery model for it. We hold regular calls and meetings to discuss the progress and share the achievements. We…

A lean billing solution for practice management systems

By Abhishek Sharma

April 6, 2018

Many practices in the US continue to use paper based methods for billing their patients and filing for claims even though their other management areas are electronic or cloud based. The case might be because of complicated medical billing process and too many components to handle. This article offers a…

Employee Portal: Getting Hands-on

By Vaibhav Rathore

April 2, 2018

Ever since I’ve been working on the Employee Portal, I haven’t felt more amazed about Laravel. There are various things Laravel provides out of the box. Many popular third-party integrations are built-in and don’t require anything extra than setting proper configs. However, the best thing about Laravel is its documentation. The…

How we wrote the job descriptions: behind the scenes

By Abhishek Sharma

March 28, 2018

We’re collecting a tribe of people who are driven to build meaningful ideas and solve challenging problems of the world. This can only happen with the right people who care for their craft and are passionate to contribute with their skills. And we’re really excited to see it happening at…

Employee Portal – Even small businesses should have it – Part 1

By Vaibhav Rathore

March 16, 2018

Just like SesPress came out as a result of our effort towards sending event-triggered emails cost-effectively, we have initiated Employee Portal to channelize both our internal and external operations.   The need Like any small business, we started our journey by adopting various tools for our operations. As our activities started…

Exploring, Traveling, & Learning one of our NGO partners’s eco-system

By Abhishek Sharma

March 8, 2018

Our journey started when we were invited to our partner’s annual event in Mumbai – a gathering of people from the social sector to share ideas and create a stronger NGO community. A two-day trip allowing us to immerse into the experiences of the social development sector. We got to…

Out of the box experience: a look inside the unique business value of social development sector

By Abhishek Sharma

March 12, 2018

“NGOs are in the business of trust” streamed the bold voice of Annabel Mehta, President, Apnalaya. This statement struck a chord with the diginatories from the social development sector, who all had gathered in the Wodehouse Gymkhana hall in Mumbai for ToolBox’s annual event ‘Out of the Box’. The event…

See you at Laravel Live 2018!

By Abhishek Sharma

March 7, 2018

A community grows through the people who are passionate about the subject wanting to share their knowledge. And when there are new generations of people to follow this lead with their contribution. Example, Stack Overflow or TED is an ongoing phenomena because of its strong community of contributors. Growth of…

Laracon Online – Interacting with community

By Tushar Bohra

February 8, 2018

We started our journey with Laravel 3 years back and yesterday we took an important step towards being an active part of the community and meeting fellow Laravel Enthusiasts. We believe conferences are a great medium to know about what is happening and also to make connections.   In our…

Refactor regularly to delay legacy

By Nishanth KD

February 1, 2018