Sometimes you just need to be ZONE OUT
Pankaj Agarwal
December 1, 2017

Recently I was working on a healthcare project’s assignment. Our client wants to have some integration with a third-party service. So I did my research and give the estimates to the client.

When I started developing everything was going according to the plan. When I about to complete the task I faced an unexpected technical issue. I tried many approaches but nothing worked. I communicated about the delay to my client and then again started trying to fix that issue.

It was very frustrating because the assignment was 90% complete and I have been given my commitments so it was a bit pressure on me.

I tried almost everything but not able to fix that. After spending the whole day I discuss that thing with my mentor, he asked me to stop working on that task for some time and help him to fix a different problem.

We spent some time and fixed that problem. Now when I came back to the system and tried to fix my problem again it got fixed it in half an hour and I couldn’t believe that.

The solution was not that though and I couldn’t understand why I didn’t think about that solution before.

Later I realize (Thanks to my mentor) that sometimes you take so much pressure,  getting into a zone and couldn’t think about all the possibilities.

So now whenever I stuck in a situation like this I just get out from my laptop and do something else and It always helps me to fix that problem.