Learning an Alien language
June 12, 2015
I know a way to learn something new- jump in. Javascript and Ajax presented themselves to me as alien’s languages. Despite having an edge in object oriented languages I had an initial hitch when the time came for me to learn new ones. I leapt at the chance of learning because I knew that when I land, I’d find myself better than before. (An advice- jump in with an assignment). I did exactly this, not that it made me come up as a coder with supernatural powers but it certainly did help me get rid of that hitch of learning a new programming language. I was asked to submit a few short assignments, each of them were capturing different aspects of web development. The first ones were based purely on HTML and PHP and were very basic but crucial because they built the base for a programming language, following this was an assignment involved Javascript and Ajax. This scared me; I didn’t know an inch of programming in either of them. But this was just a barrier in my head, a pinch of google and a tinge of StackOverflow made my life so much better. So when in doubt, just StackOverflow, because if you are stuck at some place, someone else on earth would also have been there, you’re not alone! with this I was ready with my second assignment. You just need to understand the problem well and then you are good to go for the solution part.
– Aishwarya Sharma