Internship, interrupted?
Abhishek Sharma
June 9, 2020

Many plans have been interrupted this year. As a matter of fact, our lives as we know it has been interrupted. This can truly be said for most things, but not all. Our interns in the summer of 2020 are proof. Having already spent the lockdown period with us they continue to push towards professional excellence, and how. Read on.



Our winter internships ended towards the start of March. This batch had formed a great integration with ColoredCow. They had spent an eventful time working on software development skills. The rigorous immersion with their mentors to learn new technologies, the visit to Surajkund mela for a fun time together, getting tailor-made clothes stitched for the professional wardrobe, attending some of the discussions with clients, must have created a strong bond that left the connections lingering. 


The short winter period really put in place the basics, opening them up to the ways of the software industry. Starting out with a problem statement to be solved with an application. Being introduced to the complete development cycle, the processes and the tools. Dealing head on with the abstract parts of building a project from scratch. With weekly demonstrations, extensive rounds of feedback from the mentors, their solution was taking shape. We were all really proud of the progress they were making. With still a long way to go, we had covered a large ground. 



One of the highlights of the internship really was prepping to join project teams on their client meetings. With exposure to various fronts, one more aspect was important to cover. Hearing the client requirements, discussing solutions with them, taking inputs, and delivering the work. To mark the excitement of planning for the meetings, we deliberately thought of something fun and memory-making. And so, a week ahead, the interns went out with the team to get a pair of formal tailor-made clothes stitched. The week was filled with preparing for the choice of fabrics, color and style, going back for trials, putting the accessories together. The excitement was at a different level and the acceptance to come out of the internship as well rounded professionals was equally high. The meeting day was momentous and one of its kinds.



Gaurav Bhatt

Kuldeep Upreeti



Entering into a new orbit, the plans for summer internships were already on. The winter period really had set a precedence for achieving more in the coming times. Moving further into March brought the alerts and announcements of the coronavirus. With the onset of a sudden lockdown, what was a really long summer break for many, turned into a period of phenomenal learning, and magnificent productivity. With a deft turn of events, we started an early summer internship. Three things happened here – one, staying connected opened a window letting in a cool breeze of opportunity, two – being open to a year-round internship had us prepared towards the required mentorship, three – friendships turned the opportunity into meaningful outcomes.



The lockdown didn’t interrupt the internship from happening this year. Neither did it slow down the interns from making the most out of this period. The no-distraction, high intensity lockdown period gave room to go a step further into achieving more. Working closely with the team, they have been able to attain a velocity which is allowing them to cross the necessary miles towards a professional growth in a short span of time. It’s no minor feat to start contributing to projects such as those we’re building for CII. Their prior exposure to client meetings with CII, tech skills being built over time, support of architected solution and design specs have been foundational in taking this leap. Not stopping at technical skills, being able to deal with constraints, staying positive in the face of adversity, pushing the limits, seeking help, and in turn giving us hope have been some of the most remarkable features of the internship that was not interrupted.