Build a Web App: your doorway to Web Development
Shubham Joshi
December 15, 2017

When I first thought of the idea to start by a career in we web development, I was very confused. With so many technologies coming up every day, it was very hard to choose the right one. Most of the job requirements were listed in terms of technologies like PHP, AngularJS, React, etc. So I start following online courses. While doing those courses, although I was understanding the programming conceptsĀ butĀ I was unable to relate them to product development as a whole. It was because any product or project uses multiple technologies and a basic understanding of all those technologies is required to understand the whole picture.

Luckily for me, At that time I got an internship with ColoredCow and joined their Build a Web App program. In this program, I learned the problem-solving approach using software technology. I learned how a basic software is made from the very basic requirement phase to the deployment of the product. It gave me a completely different perspective towards software development. Here at ColoredCow, we do not confine ourselves with technology, rather we try to come up with solutions for the real world problems and in the process, we utilise any technology which is required.

This is the real skill which is required by the best companies in the industry. I have been working in ColoredCow for about a year now, and I have worked on various projects both Offshore and local, in various technologies and it all started with the Build a Web App Bootcamp.