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Grow your business with early projection using data analytics

By Satendra Rawat

November 5, 2020

As we are going to discuss the projection, growth, and effective decisions making and its importance for a business, let’s start with a question.   What is the most important resource an organization can have to grow its business? There could be different answers to this question, but what I…

Ravines and Plateaus

By Vaibhav Rathore

June 11, 2020

When you learn anything new or push yourself to do extra, you need to work on abstraction. You have to get out of your comfort zone and cope up with decreased productivity. However, this doesn’t last long. I faced two similar situations where I targeted doing extra and my efficiency…

Compassion and Software Development

By Tushar Bohra

November 27, 2017

In the past, I have always written about the importance of having an open relationship with your clients and the benefits it has for the products. Having an open relationship helps to being in compassion and lets you think from your client’s perspective. It helps us to understand the needs…

It’s not a 9-to-5

By ColoredCow

June 12, 2015

In one corner of the office I saw a bar stool standing tall with dignity amidst the business environment. Little did I realize that it was the chair that KD was talking about, the chair that ColoredCow got for him, for he is at his best when he is on…

Learning an Alien language

By ColoredCow

June 12, 2015

I know a way to learn something new- jump in. Javascript and Ajax presented themselves to me as alien’s languages. Despite having an edge in object oriented languages I had an initial hitch when the time came for me to learn new ones. I leapt at the chance of learning…

Thank You Mohit

By ColoredCow

June 8, 2015

Thank You Mohit!   And this is how Mohit helped us:     -Abhishek

How Naveen Molded Me

By ColoredCow

June 8, 2015

A common problem that one faces today is how to move from ‘Hello World’ problems to building world class integrated systems with complex use cases that are closely coupled with each other. Here is my story on how i evolved from “Hello World” to building two online marketplaces, starting a…

The day we ganged up and started building the future

By ColoredCow

January 11, 2015

It started with an informal meeting. Post this meeting, Mohit Pawar, Gautam, Naveen and Deepti joined us for another discussion. The agenda was to give Mohit a clear picture of where we stand as a company, which would help him identify our shortcomings as a team and as individuals. After…

Effective use of magic methods in Laravel
By Pankaj Agarwal
Digging deep into the framework
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