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Grow your business with early projection using data analytics

By Satendra Rawat

November 5, 2020

As we are going to discuss the projection, growth, and effective decisions making and its importance for a business, let’s start with a question.   What is the most important resource an organization can have to grow its business? There could be different answers to this question, but what I…

Building a SAAS platform for first-time entrepreneurs

By Tushar Bohra

November 5, 2020

Realize and discuss the common constraints of such projects with the clients Low budget Evolving requirements Abstractions High-cost sensitivity Deal with abstractions at an early stage. Requirements clarifications and detailing prior to moving forward. Freeze requirements before moving ahead. Utilizing popular and open source services for cost-effectiveness. Laying down the…

An effortless way to make businesses efficient
By Prateek Narang
A talk on enhancing the efficiency of businesses with a better handle on it through data and tools already being used
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