Building Scalable Applications for Nonprofits in Laravel
SOLID Design Principles
Tushar Bohra
Full-Stack Developer


You might’ve often read about how the basics of programming are important concepts that one should know and explore. If you’re a developer you would agree, knowing when to leverage which concept in real-life is harder that how it appears.

In one of the recent projects we worked on at ColoredCow, we had to collect data from nonprofits, volunteers, foundations, corporates and aggregate it all to find the impact at national level. Applying Dependency Inversion principle in Laravel made the code de-coupled and easier to build and modify in future.

This talk is about how we utilised Dependency Inversion and SOLID principles in Laravel to build the data aggregation module for a nonprofit.

You can find the slides for the talk here. This talk is more hands-on than just the slides. You will have to try implementing these concepts yourself to get a better understanding of them.

We’ve presented this talk at the LaravelLive Delhi meetup August Chapter. In case you’re interested to organize this talk again, please reach out to





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