Design Patterns are helpful
Pankaj Agarwal
December 4, 2017

We all know that design patterns are very helpful and important in software development. Though It takes some time to understand and implement but, once you able to do that development becomes a very interesting job.

I am working on a healthcare project. Though the project is doing well and everything is working fine but somehow the code is not that much structured and because of that, every time we try to build any new feature it takes more time than normal.

Recently when I was working on a  feature I realize that there can be two approaches one is to take some shortcuts and go with the flow and another is to follow some structure level pattern. The first approach was looking very easy and doable but I and my mentor decide to avoid the shortcuts and try to do the things in a right way.

When I started building that there were more enhancements requests keep coming from our client than I realize that it would be too tough for me to make these enhancements if I  would have taken that shortcut approach.Now, It was quite easy for me to make those changes and complete the feature. I also got some compliments on the code review process.

I also realize some more benefits from design patterns like you can write more reusable, extensive and clean code which saves lots of time and effort in further development.

The book I am reading for this is “The Design Patterns”  and finding it very helpful.