Helping the clients by the better approach
Mohit Gusain
October 25, 2020

In ColoredCow, we all are aligned with the thoughts of solving the problem with technology. For the last few years we are providing tech facilities to the social sector also. From these years, the one major challenge we faced with the social sector to provide the solution under the budget they have. We also know the social sector domains are not strong financially, but we kept moving and understanding their problems and solving them more efficiently.

Over the years of experience, now we are putting the strong footpath in this field. Building software one by one we came to this point, how we can reuse the code from our existing software so that we can provide a better solution so that they do not get affected financially. We realized it is a win-win situation for both ColoredCow and our clients.

Code reusability creates a better impact on every project. It reduces many other efforts like development time, coder reviewing time, QA. When all these efforts got reduced simultaneously, overall project delivery time also got reduced. It helps to deliver the project on time. If I look at it from a client’s perspective, every client will be happy when they get a proper solution at the target time, which is one of the key points to keep your clients associated with us. 

This key point applies to larger organizations or the same as smaller organizations equally.

Apart from the code reusability, we also learned and keep learning to build the current software extensible so that in the nearer future, it will not create so much effort to provide the solution to the same clients.

We keep going, keep learning, keep helping, keep impacting our clients by providing valuable solutions.