What a difference a day makes
Abhishek Sharma
August 11, 2015

Despite doing the work you love, there will be times when you start observing a pattern, regularity. This will be easy to overlook because you love your work. You wake up each morning, excited to go to work only to do the same thing you have been doing for a long time. Since you don’t mind, you get on with it.
Doing that is alright as long as you’re not looking to grow anymore – in terms of your skills and as a person. So go to work with the same vigor but ask yourself from time to time, ‘how will today be different’? Take small steps, grow with your work; keep learning. Bring small change, adapt to it, repeat and watch what a difference that day will make.
But if you don’t do what you love, then you need to ask this question more frequently.

Abhishek Sharma
Creative Head