Ship it
Abhishek Sharma
September 23, 2015

To ship it is to let your work float out into the ocean. If you think you’ll perfect your work first and then send it out, you might end up taking forever. Imagine facebook’s fate if they had waited to launch their site till they had perfected the ‘like’ button, per say.
It is a powerful theory to live by.
The thing is, there will always be something more to learn, you will not be able to foresee every little thing that could go wrong.

To launch, publish and share are the same as shipping, and at coloredcow we pay a lot of emphasis on it. So do any of these as soon as your work is functional. Send out your message in a bottle don’t wait to build the titanic (it may end up sinking).

You can use a pamphlet by Seth Godin to help you ship your work.


Download the poster.

Abhishek Sharma