Incubation center a new window of possibilities
March 29, 2017

The process or the phase of incubation fundamentally helps each organism to develop and be prepared for the external world, incubation provides right conditions to grow and be ready to survive. Inspired by the concept of incubation we have seen a lot of countries over the years using a similar approach for their students in colleges, giving them an opportunity to be accustomed to the future work environments. The companies and colleges collaborate together to provide possibilities for students to work on live project environments, helping them in understanding how the market dynamics work and which skills they need to hone for it.


THDC-IHET Engineering College


In India, the concept is not yet very prevalent but there are still a few colleges who are working to provide these opportunities to their students. THDC-IHET  is among one of such rare colleges, their management and faculties visioned such a platform for their students to make them market ready. We usually see that a lot of engineering colleges are located in remote areas to provide students a peaceful environment to learn and innovate but this now and again brings up the issue of lack of exposure. THDC-IHET decided to solve this issue with their incubation center.


The Inauguration Ceremony


When approached by THDC-IHET, ColoredCow resonated with the idea and decided to partner up for this new horizon of possibilities. All of us keep hearing issues of employability now and again, new statistics come up every other day featuring the growing percentage of unemployable engineers. ColoredCow believes incubation centers have the potential to bridge this gap. They can be a center for employment, innovation, and learning. We understand that though there are ample of opportunities and resources that are present in cities and there is always something new that one gets to learn here but still there is a beauty in working closer to nature. With the advancement of technology, this dream is achievable also.


View from the Tehri Office


While having a conversation with Prof. G.S. Tomar, Director THDC-IHET we got to know how deeply he associates with the concept. Having a rich experience in engineering and teaching background, Prof. Tomar have exposure of being associated with a number of world universities who have worked on similar approaches. He mentions that “The purpose of learning should be clear from the start. As getting a degree and learning something is different. “ he believes that we live in an era where “Knowledge is past and learning is future.” Hence, an incubation center will provide a huge leap in growth of students.


With conviction in the concept, ColoredCow has started its satellite office in THDC-IHET as part of the incubation center and in turn, has come closer to its dream of working in harmony with nature


As mentioned by Amar Ujjala and Hindustan News Paper Garhwal Edition we hope that the inauguration ceremony held on 24th March 2017 has paved way for many new opportunities for THDC-IHET students, facilities, management, ColoredCow and people of Tehri.