ColoredCow: A Name, An Identity, A Reflection
May 1, 2017

A name, a word that creates an identity. An identity that we hold closest to our existence and which in turn forms the starting point of every introduction we make. The sound of one particular word that is so deeply engraved that we remember it even in a crowd. With that thought, imagine how will you name something that you are creating (a child, a group, a club, an organization). In situations like these don’t we all go for a name that we associate with, a quality that we would like to instill in whatever we are creating.


We decided to go for the name ColoredCow because it aligned with our desire to create something remarkable. Not a self-explanatory name but once you have heard the story definitely a self-explanatory concept.


During the inception stage of ColoredCow, we started with the yearning to build meaningful software. Prateek was searching ways to give a direction to his calling. He read, observed, researched and with each opportunity of building something remarkable moved ahead. In one such read, he came across a concept that resonated with his core belief of creating something that stands out for itself.


The name “ColoredCow” is inspired by Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow which talks about how you can transform your business by being remarkable.


Seth Godin in the book recounts a family trip in France, where he talks about the picturesque pastures right next to the highway they are driving through. These pastures are filled with enchanting storybook cows. He says that cows after you have seen one, or two or ten get boring. A Purple Cow, though…now that would be something. A Purple Cow describes something phenomenal, something exciting and flat out unbelievable.


This quality of Purple Cow is not something that you can slap on a product or service. Purple Cow is inherent. It is present in everything you build, and everything you do, to create something truly noticeable.


We live in a world where everything we need, want and desire is already invented. With all the continuous rush of information around us, it is fairly easy to be lost in the crowd. So the only way to sustain in this post-consumption world is by being remarkable.


This particular concept of being remarkable was something that Prateek had full faith in. As he says, “ Purple Cow is my all time favorite book, and this particular concept of being remarkable left a lasting impression on me. I think every successful business has tried out more than a few ways to become remarkable at one point or another. My aim is to use technology as a tool to help SMBs to become remarkable.”


With just that simple resonance, ColoredCow started its name story. So after every introduction when we are graced by the question “Why the name ColoredCow?” it leaves us with a smiling face. The happiness of seeing that our attempt of having a remarkable element, something that people notice and remember reaches beyond our products and services…to the very name that represents us.