How writing vision document helped us in a new project
Tushar Bohra
December 13, 2017

We started of with a new project recently. We had done the initial very high level requirements for cost estimations. Now it was time to start on the road to execution.


The marketing team of our client had done there research. They had come up with a general requirement and understanding of what the market needs. They also wrote about how this product could possibly fill the gap.


We had the MRD (marketing requirement document) to get started and draw the specification for the project. Not to mention that the product was for one our offshore clients. They had done an amazing job by providing us with a detailed MRD. But we had little understanding of the exact need and outlook of the project.


We leaned on to one of a very beautiful component of software development. It is called a Vision document and is often overlooked but is of a huge help. This is a very crucial piece that is done before doing the specifications on any project. It is written in a very simple language and helps to establish a very clear layout of the product. Once we had the initial version of the vision document ready, we worked with our clients to finalise the vision for the project.


Having the vision document eases the process of writing requirements and specifications for the project. It was easy to draft them up, as we can look at them and check if we are aligning with the project vision. This vision is then further divided into individual visions. It allows the designer to knows what are the design vision of the project is and the solution architect the architectural vision of the project are. It also helps us to see how these individual visions come together to fulfil the complete vision of the project.