Strengthening products through problem finding
Abhishek Sharma
November 22, 2017

In our quest to build impactful products, we are employing a problem finding approach to build the product the right way. As a part of this process, to strengthen the products and business, we increase our exposure of the problems by identifying the current state and the challenge we’re facing in reaching the goal. We explore the problems incrementally, by questioning what we need today and what’s the most immediate problem to be solved, to reach the goal. These problems are linked together as steps in a ladder because solving one gives rise to another. Finding the most immediate problem keeps us deeply rooted in the core of the product and not deviate to what may be a far off problem while there are the ones that need instant attention. These give rise to the most relevant and probable solutions.

While working on CodeTrek, we would discover challenges that were close to the product in its current state. Solving these problems gave immediate results and not something we had to wait to find out whether it worked or not as they were the most relevant additions to the product strength.