Working with constraints
Vaibhav Rathore
November 24, 2017

It’s going to be almost a year for ColoredCow to be working from hills. And it’s been a remarkable journey so far. Spending the summers in hills, a fantastic view of a huge lake, multiple treks on weekends and chilly nights. Who doesn’t want that? Life’s been perfect. But that’s not completely true. There are always constraints. Constraints we need to overcome.

Moving far from metropolis has its own cons. Facilities and available daily life options decrease dramatically. Choices are less here and sometimes zero. Internet, the most vital entity for our organization, isn’t stable. Food! We can’t have good pizza and beer.

Solve the problem not ignore.

The important thing is, in times of crisis, rather than getting frustrated, be calm and figure out a way to fix it or find an alternative. Remember, you are a problem-solver. When there was an internet blackout before a weekend, we couldn’t ship some important items and communicate properly. Help wasn’t near. So, some of us left for the city and some of us stayed and took the weekly calls on cell phones. The important part is everyone took an action to make things happen rather than just sitting down and ignoring the problem or, the worst thing, cursing everyone responsible for the crisis.

Just like this, there’ll always be constraints. There’s no perfect place, no perfect life, no perfect code, no perfect application. It’s always close, but not 100%. It really depends on you, whether to take an action and make things happen or to just sit down and wait for things to happen themselves.