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How React Native and its integration with Laravel can help social sector organizations create an impact on scale

By Pankaj Agarwal

August 27, 2020

Social Sector organizations are slowly moving towards using more technology to create large scale impact. React Native‚Äôs significance for the social sector in this regard has been ever increasing. With a mobile application, people working in remote areas can manage all operations smoothly. Building a mobile application in react native…

Testing code in mobile development

By Pankaj Agarwal

December 12, 2017

Learning new things brings happiness and confidence. I personally feel very good when I get the chance to learn new technology and features. As I like react native for mobile development I started learning the testing capability of this framework.There are various articles and tutorials available on the internet here…

Why React Native?

By Pankaj Agarwal

November 29, 2017

I love to do mobile development at my college. I developed some mobile apps for my college events. When It comes to technology I have always been doubtful of cross-platform mobile development frameworks like Cordova and ionic because they use the mobile browser or HTML 5 base engine to run…

Effective use of magic methods in Laravel
By Pankaj Agarwal
Digging deep into the framework
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