From Gurgaon to Tehri: How The Hill Chapter Started?
April 4, 2017


ColoredCow started its official journey 3 years back in Gurgaon, the Millennium City of India. The city that caters more than 250 of Fortune 500 companies and houses many Gen-Next entrepreneurs. We started our journey from this place, the place that inspires many from it’s ‘rags to riches’ story, the huge change it has witnessed from being a farmer’s city to every businessman’s dream come true place.

We started from this city, the hub of passionate companies and brands. With easy accessibility of resources and educated demography, we kept on witnessing new opportunities and grew at a fast pace. Though the city is a reserve of ample possibilities, the human part of us somewhere deep down craved for a peaceful retreat away from the hustle bustle.



This similar desire has been visible in our choice of office spaces and the work setup we created, a professional and comfortable space. Broad tables to work together over 2*2 cubicles, lounge area with bean bags, recliners in the library, common lunch tables with music and, corridors, tables & corners occupied by our green companions. Greenery tends to trigger the aesthetic inclination humans share and at ColoredCow we all appreciate that bond with nature. A setup like this no longer makes work feel like work.  

Now imagine if one can have a workplace like this but in actual sense closer to nature and not just limited to the potted plants. It does seem like a dream.


This recurring thought stayed with us somewhere at the back of our mind and when we thought of expanding ColoredCow, a part of us kept on saying why not a place closer to nature? Why not hills?


At ColoredCow we all have shared some association with hills, though the span might range from a couple of days to a couple of years but the connect existed for all. For instance, Vaibhav has lived the major part of his life in a hill station, Pankaj and Tushar though lived in a different geographical area, choose to study Engineering at a college situated in Kumaon hills and for Prateek, the associations have been too many to count in a couple of lines. All these connects deep down cemented the idea and we decided to expand from hills.



After many rounds of discussions, long meetings, researches, and analysis we decided to go for a model where we can work as well as contribute to the system. Where we do not just create business solutions but share our learnings with others and also in the process invite like-minded people to join our tribe. Being an engineering-centered company we thought, what better place can there be other than among fellow engineers. We started our hill story from Uttarakhand and went in conversation with Kumaon Engineering College (Dwarahat), Birla Institute of Applied Science (Bhimtal) and THDC Institute of Hydropower Engineering and Technology (THDC-IHET) Dehradun for creating a collaboration that could explore the different possibilities a partnership like this could provide.

After a lot of discussions and meetings, the final tie was established with THDC-IHET and we decided to be part of their incubation center. On 24th March 2017 ColoredCow and THDC-IHET signed an MOU and with that, we started our new office in the hills of Tehri-Garhwal.


Hill story part-2