Keeping a consistent product experience even as the user segment grows
Abhishek Sharma
November 21, 2017

There’s another way a product grows and gets stronger, which is by identifying new scope, new audience and new areas of expansions. I covered earlier how feedback feeds into achieving goals and better products. But as more target audience gets added and they’re included in the goal of the product, there’s more responsibility on the design of the product to accommodate them into the experience of the product, keep it uniform and make it relevant for them.

For CodeTrek, one of the user groups we were targeting initially was student community belonging to computer science engineering. As codetrek’s definition evolved and it grew, we brought in more user groups like design and marketing students.

As a result we looked into the existing workflows to enhance them for the new users and created new avenues for them to enter into the product and make the best out if it.

On the other hand, inconsistent workflow which may lead to an ignorance of loose experience and may alienate the new users. More on ‘how it can impact the product negatively’ coming soon.

The new user group should align with the product goals so that the it can grow and benefit as a whole. In our case, the design and marketing students align perfectly in CodeTrek‘s aim of increasing the skills around software creation which very well takes into account the design and marketing skills.