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Engage your Audience with a User-Friendly Chatbot. Here’s how.

By Lakshita Narang

June 7, 2022

Leveraging the power of chatbots to engage with your NGO’s beneficiaries.

Aligning design with product goals

By Abhishek Sharma

August 17, 2020

When we started with Glific, we had a bunch of feature ideas in mind and a goal to achieve for the NGO end users. As is the case with all products. It was about solving a challenge, our users being the non-profits. There was not much form to that goal…

v0.1 of improving human lives through communications

By Abhishek Sharma

July 9, 2020

Glific v0.1 arrives Communicating with the beneficiaries is as important a part of an NGO’s work as running their impact programmes itself. For some, it may even be the main mode of improving human lives for domains such as education, healthcare or livelihoods counselling etc…  These needs led to many…

1 simple change for great product demos

By Abhishek Sharma

July 8, 2020

While we’re building Glific, we are staying open to feedback from the stakeholders. We’re open for the possibility to iterate it and get things right. We’ve been showing our product concept and the progress to NGOs and taking their inputs to build it further. Especially during the early stages of…

In conversation with Digital Green

By Abhishek Sharma

July 1, 2020

On their mission to empower farmer groups, Digital Green has been relentless in finding the best methods, tools and technology. In our previous conversation(coming soon) with Digital Green, Glific team learned about the various communication programs run by them to impact the farmers. Some of these included running pilot cases…

Making meaningful communication happen

By Abhishek Sharma

June 8, 2020

“What’s in a name?” I find myself chanting over and over. It’s 3:37am by the clock. A visual dictionary is opened next to me, to a chapter on 17th century architecture. I’ve already gone through the chapters on space, human anatomy, molecular chemistry. A thesaurus by the side is stuck…

Here’s how a chat platform can improve human lives

By Abhishek Sharma

May 25, 2020

The quality of information a person can access, can be a direct indicator of the quality of life they live. For some of the more vulnerable sections of society, it can play an even crucial role. In the most recent example of the COVID-19 pandemic, information became a matter of…

Product research for open source chat platform

By Abhishek Sharma

May 18, 2020

It’s been a week that our team has been interacting with various NGOs. Throwing multitudes of questions at them and learning everything we can about their interaction with their community of influence (or beneficiaries). They’ve been walking us through their processes which covers what they communicate and how. We’ve been…

Demystifying Laravel Service Container
By Vaibhav Rathore
Digging deep into the framework
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