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Integrating Google Sheets in Glific

By Akhilesh Negi

October 21, 2022

While building Glific for the past 2.5 years, one of the problems we face while scaling it is that it is difficult to find a one-size-fits-all solution that would work for everyone. As a result, it is often necessary to tailor the solution to the specific needs of each user….

Experiments with Frappe as CRM in Glific

By Akhilesh Negi

September 19, 2022

For the past few months, we have been working with Reap Benefit to visualize citizen engagement of their chatbot in a mapping dashboard created in R/shiny. Read more about their journey with Glific and our journey in creating the dashboard here. Initially, we went with the combination of Glific, BigQuery,…

Visualizing citizen engagement of Chatbot

By Akhilesh Negi

August 30, 2022

Imagine a nation where problems encountered by locals could be collected in one location and then resolved by locals utilizing local resources and data. A community where each resident takes responsibility for local problems and finds solutions. As Abhijit Naskar said “A nation can run without government, but it can’t…

Engage your Audience with a User-Friendly Chatbot. Here’s how.

By Lakshita Narang

June 7, 2022

Leveraging the power of chatbots to engage with your NGO’s beneficiaries.

Bringing the power of End-to-End testing in Plio’s open-source platform

By Vaibhav Rathore

March 22, 2022

Originally posted on Plio’s Blog Plio’s priority has always been building a simple and easy-to-use platform. The team works super hard to ensure any new functionality is properly reviewed, tested, and comes with its own set of unit tests. Rigorous testing cycles that sometimes have taken several rounds of code review before…

Spring Sprint with Mukkamaar

By Akhilesh Negi

March 9, 2022

After the Covid crisis intensified, everyone was being pushed into tight corners and was still adjusting to the new norm of working remotely. Thus working together in a cohesive environment, jotting down ideas, and discussing work plans felt like a distant memory. However, as the situation in India has begun…

How BigQuery and WhatsApp is helping teachers with their students report in Haryana

By Akhilesh Negi

October 17, 2021

With Covid-19 and the global pandemic surge, NGOs faced major challenges in the delivery of their programs and carrying out their operations which gave rise to many platforms that can help them with their last-mile deliveries and digitalize their programs. That’s how Glific was initiated to bridge the communication gap…

Multi-tenancy in Plio

By Vaibhav Rathore

April 29, 2021

Planning the database schema for the new Plio infrastructure was easy. Or that’s what I thought initially. The previous structure of Plio used to have various JSON files, each representing an entity on its own. For example, a typical user’s JSON file would look like this: So, creating a database…

Code linting with pre-commit

By Vaibhav Rathore

April 15, 2021

Code linting, though a very small & basic thing, often gets ignored by many people in many projects. Probably because it’s small. There’s a problem that I’ve been facing consistently during code reviews. I, personally, can’t ignore incorrect indentations, and often when I found one, I keep looking for them….

Glific: my version

By Mohd Shamoon

December 11, 2020

This is a short story of how I, as an outsider, saw Glific get going, evolve and finally start to solve meaningful problems. I’m hoping there must be others who may share the same story. The beginning It was around May 2020, that I first heard of Glific (I think…

Helping the clients by the better approach

By Mohit Gusain

October 25, 2020

In ColoredCow, we all are aligned with the thoughts of solving the problem with technology. For the last few years we are providing tech facilities to the social sector also. From these years, the one major challenge we faced with the social sector to provide the solution under the budget…

Why you should not wait anymore to build an online donation page

By Sambhavna

May 18, 2019

Non-Profits need funds to create impact and successfully run their operations. Organizations use different methods to fundraise but one thing that most social sector organizations still use is the offline method of collecting donations. We wondered why the shift from offline to online fundraising did not take place amongst many…

Effective use of magic methods in Laravel
By Pankaj Agarwal
Digging deep into the framework
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