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Saving Thousands of Dollars by BigQuery Cost Monitoring Dashboard

By Vivek Kumar

December 23, 2023

We recently found out that our client has to pay so much for the cost of using the GCP. So we decided to do a GCP audit to find out from where most of the costs are coming out. After the audit, we found out that we are spending thousands…

Glific Consulting: Empowering NGO with Customized Solutions.

By ColoredCow

January 26, 2023

Introduction: Indus Action is a non-profit organization based in India that works to improve access to education and ColoredCow, as a founding member of the Glific development team, is well-positioned to provide complete Glific consulting services. We specialize in helping organizations customize and optimize Glific to suit their specific requirements….

Experiments with Frappe as CRM in Glific

By Akhilesh Negi

September 19, 2022

For the past few months, we have been working with Reap Benefit to visualize citizen engagement of their chatbot in a mapping dashboard created in R/shiny. Read more about their journey with Glific and our journey in creating the dashboard here. Initially, we went with the combination of Glific, BigQuery,…

Visualizing citizen engagement of Chatbot

By Akhilesh Negi

August 30, 2022

Imagine a nation where problems encountered by locals could be collected in one location and then resolved by locals utilizing local resources and data. A community where each resident takes responsibility for local problems and finds solutions. As Abhijit Naskar said “A nation can run without government, but it can’t…

Multiple Profiles: A possible way to increase chatbot’s reach beyond one person per number

By Akhilesh Negi

July 15, 2022

One WhatsApp + Multiple Profiles = Greater Impact! Well, the equation seems simple and makes more sense as we go deeper into the impact of a chatbot and its reach to beneficiaries. Especially for NGOs working in sectors where mobile device availability is not common and thus the same device…

Engage your Audience with a User-Friendly Chatbot. Here’s how.

By Lakshita Narang

June 7, 2022

Leveraging the power of chatbots to engage with your NGO’s beneficiaries.

M & E in Digital Green’s Farmer Chatbot

By Akhilesh Negi

June 2, 2022

Despite the fact that India is an agricultural country where agriculture is the primary source of income for over half of the people, farmers confront appalling conditions. These scenarios typically arise when crop products do not meet expectations because harvests have been ruined by pests or harsh climatic conditions, leaving…

Spring Sprint with Mukkamaar

By Akhilesh Negi

March 9, 2022

After the Covid crisis intensified, everyone was being pushed into tight corners and was still adjusting to the new norm of working remotely. Thus working together in a cohesive environment, jotting down ideas, and discussing work plans felt like a distant memory. However, as the situation in India has begun…

Helping differently-abled households through Chatbot

By Akhilesh Negi

March 4, 2022

Nayi Disha is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and educate families of persons with intellectual and developmental impairments so that they may help their children reach their full potential. To assist these families, their platform is available in two languages: Hindi and English, and it has recently…

How BigQuery and WhatsApp is helping teachers with their students report in Haryana

By Akhilesh Negi

October 17, 2021

With Covid-19 and the global pandemic surge, NGOs faced major challenges in the delivery of their programs and carrying out their operations which gave rise to many platforms that can help them with their last-mile deliveries and digitalize their programs. That’s how Glific was initiated to bridge the communication gap…

Communication Leap with Glific

By Akhilesh Negi

September 20, 2021

The lifecycle of a product is a journey consisting of understanding novel challenges, the contribution from lots of people towards a solution, and rolling out updates to constantly improve the product and aid the end-user. Over the course of around one and a half years building Glific– a two-way communication…

Glific: my version

By Mohd Shamoon

December 11, 2020

This is a short story of how I, as an outsider, saw Glific get going, evolve and finally start to solve meaningful problems. I’m hoping there must be others who may share the same story. The beginning It was around May 2020, that I first heard of Glific (I think…

WhatsApp Simulation within Glific

By Vaibhav Rathore

October 28, 2020

Glific aims to empower non-profits to take their communications to the next level through seamless integration with WhatsApp. While the larger goal is to help various organizations solve severe social problems like illiteracy, climate changes, gender oppression, etc, we also need to make sure that the tool is getting utilized…

Reimagining communication with your Beneficiaries

By Abhishek Sharma

September 21, 2020

This article is co-authored with  Manish Manohar, Tech Lead, Saajha Saajha has been working with government schools since 2014 primarily focusing on Parental Partnerships by building leadership capacity of Parents and School Management Committees (SMCs), mandatory bodies consisting of parents, teachers and community members to ensure accountability for children’s leaning…

v0.1 of improving human lives through communications

By Abhishek Sharma

July 9, 2020

Glific v0.1 arrives Communicating with the beneficiaries is as important a part of an NGO’s work as running their impact programmes itself. For some, it may even be the main mode of improving human lives for domains such as education, healthcare or livelihoods counselling etc…  These needs led to many…

In conversation with Digital Green

By Abhishek Sharma

July 1, 2020

On their mission to empower farmer groups, Digital Green has been relentless in finding the best methods, tools and technology. In our previous conversation(coming soon) with Digital Green, Glific team learned about the various communication programs run by them to impact the farmers. Some of these included running pilot cases…

Making meaningful communication happen

By Abhishek Sharma

June 8, 2020

“What’s in a name?” I find myself chanting over and over. It’s 3:37am by the clock. A visual dictionary is opened next to me, to a chapter on 17th century architecture. I’ve already gone through the chapters on space, human anatomy, molecular chemistry. A thesaurus by the side is stuck…

Here’s how a chat platform can improve human lives

By Abhishek Sharma

May 25, 2020

The quality of information a person can access, can be a direct indicator of the quality of life they live. For some of the more vulnerable sections of society, it can play an even crucial role. In the most recent example of the COVID-19 pandemic, information became a matter of…

Maximizing design services
By Abhishek Sharma
A talk for greater product development & profitability by re-looking design services
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