Effective use of magic methods in Laravel
Digging deep into the framework
Pankaj Agarwal
Back-end Developer

The world of PHP Magic Methods has helped me build more functionalities with lesser lines of code and lesser execution time.

When I started working with Laravel, it helped me understand how Laravel works at its core. I’m convinced everyone can benefit from this simple yet powerful concept of MagicMethods.


In this talk, we’ll cover –

  1. What are PHP magic methods and how to create them?
  2. Where to utilise PHP Magic Methods – Saving execution time, minimise lines of code, creating methods dynamically, managing errors.
  3. How Laravel uses the magic methods in Eloquent API – Eloquent mutators, Query build, serialising Model Objects.


You can find the slides for the talk here.



This talk is more hands-on rather than just the slides. You will have to try implementing these concepts yourself to get a better understanding of them.


This talk was originally presented at the LaravelLive Delhi meetup August Chapter.
In case you’re interested to organize this talk again, please reach out to contact@coloredcow.com.

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