Our Business Card
Abhishek Sharma
September 25, 2015

Small pieces of paper that carry information about how one could reach you but not about why they should reach you. What leaves the lasting impression of why one should get to you is the kind of service you deliver and the way you made your customer feel. If your customer felt great about getting the work done by you, then, if you write down your credentials on a waste paper, your customer will hold on to it safely. Otherwise even an expensive looking business card will be flung.
When there are so many people providing the same service, good customer satisfaction will give you the desired edge.

Surprisingly not many people pay attention to their service or even if they do, it is met with many inefficiencies. To go back and see if it is perfect on all ends will bring great returns.
It is worth remembering that your service is what gets you more business and not the business card.

You can use this poster as a reminder.


Download the poster.