How to find an internship that boosts your career
May 8, 2017


Before we talk about ways to find an internship that can help your career. Let’s first pose a simple question, What is your reason for doing an internship?  Why would you go for one?


Is it about earning money, getting exposure or just getting a certificate of experience. One of the primary quoted reasons that we come across is that it helps in getting industrial exposure. So is it only about this? Or there is more to the story.


If you are looking for more than let’s consider an example of software engineers. They learn to code in their classrooms. However, there is a difference in writing code and writing quality code. An internship can be a great opportunity to bridge this gap for yourself.


So the better vision here will be to go for an internship that not only gives you exposure but also a clear understanding of what kind of skills are required in the market. An internship that provides you a way to solve real-life problems by implementing what you have learned through academics.


We at ColoredCow believe that internships are great opportunities to learn and create a sync with what one already knows and what is needed in the market. We promote our interns to work on real life problems with trending tools in the industry. Our focus is to ensure all interns work through Software Development Life Cycle and build a small but remarkable solution. The problems are picked from our daily lives or something that inspires the interns.


How to select an Internship that suits you?


The right answer is whether the company is called Google or Apple. The reason is that you’ll try finding one of the best opportunities available for you and come out better than you were before. This happens because you know you may produce good work and get to know some good people.


Before you look for a stipend, look for work. You should check if the work aligns with your career goals. In the industry, interns are often perceived as cost-effective resources. So if your internship offers you a stipend but doesn’t have clear learning targets for you, then there is a possibility you will be doing menial tasks no one else wants to do.


The next thing on the list should be to check for the team that you are going to work with. It is an important criterion because this team will establish your first impression of the industry you aspire to work in. Experienced mentors can contribute to your learning and career choices. A mature team will motivate and help you in bringing out your best.


Also, avoid hacks like getting references from relatives, friends, etc. for internships that provide certificates but no exposure or learning.


A checklist to sum it up

  • Identify the organizations in the industry
  • Research about their work and values.
  • Check if they have well-defined internship programmes and processes to apply.
  • Enquire with former interns and existing employees about internship programmes at the company.
  • Look for organizations with dynamic and challenging work environments to maximize your exposure level.
  • Before Applying
    • Prepare a concise resume that showcases your passion based on the company profile.
    • Include a short snippet about what you are seeking in the internship.
  • Before Joining
    • Enquire if you’d be learning on a project.
    • Enquire about tools and concepts that you would be working with.


Resonating with the thought?


Our Interns are promoted to work on real-life problems while building remarkable solutions. They collaborate and work with their mentors and train themselves in different technologies.


We’re inviting applications for our summer internship programme this year. It’s a 2-month programme and begins this June. You can choose to either work from Gurgaon, one of the quintessential technical hubs or Tehri, in midst of serene Garhwal hills.


You can share your Linkedin profiles (preferred) or your resumes at or apply through our website.