Higher Studies after Bachelors degree
Himanshu Dhiman
November 27, 2017

After getting a Bachelors degree in any field, What would you opt to go for? Higher Studies or to get a job or start a business? Students who are in the middle of their courses must have started to think about there choices. I just want to share my understanding of both the options.

Either being passionate or being dependent, it makes a lot of difference in our lives. Students in college generally depends on their colleges. I have seen people say that “If they get placed from college then it is fine, otherwise will go for the higher studies”. Hearing that always raised up the question in my mind “Why you are not thinking about it?”.

I have done my Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering this year, and it has been 7 months since I got a start to my career. In my college days, I also had the same options as above, whether to go for higher studies or to go and start my career. I had my thoughts inclined towards starting my career because I was bored of studying the theoretical books and the examinations, and I was really excited to step up in the outer world to create things. I always love to try new things in my life, and this excitement to try something new, plus the passion towards software languages increased my inclination towards starting my career.

I think choosing the option depends on each individual, so I can’t declare that what is right and what is wrong. It is all about the interest of the individual and whether he has an objective in their lives. In my understanding, a person should go for higher studies, only if they are really passionate about studying or want to make their careers in research work. I was not so I didn’t. I know people in large number who did the higher studies because their parents want them to do. I just want to suggest, if you are being forced to do what you don’t want, then be mindful and convince, and I am suggesting this because I did that part already. My grandfather is a strong believer in higher studies. He wanted me to do M.Tech after my bachelors. Even after joining ColoredCow, I was getting the proposals from him to go and try to get coaching for GATE or think about CAT. But I convinced him that why I actually didn’t want to go for the GATE right now. If I had a bad start to my career, then maybe I could’ve go for it. But when I had such a great start to my career here in ColoredCow, I don’t want to think about higher studies right now.

But there are few things I did and I think I can list that a person should self-analyze and think before choosing an option, and it can help anyone :

1) The Goal in Life.
2) Interests, and how much they know it.
3) Path to reach the Goal.


Once you are done with all the thinking on the above points. It will be much easier to choose an option and I don’t think anyone will fail, if they honestly think about the above points and make effort to make that happen.