Not missing out on life or work
Adiba Ahmed
November 25, 2017

Our latest weekend experience taught me that life is much simpler than we like to see it and it is much more fun when seen through one lens.


Last Saturday on a spur of movement we decided to travel Mawana, Prateek’s hometown. Why? Because we had heard so much about the street food there! We packed our bags and went on a 7 hours road trip to Mawana. With discussions around work, life and everything else we tasted chat, rabdi, and 9-10 other delicacies. And with all that sweetness we dozed off to a peaceful night in Mawana to wake up to another experience in Hastinapur.


Sugarcane fields in Hastinapur


Hastinapur, the famous town from Mahabharata and Prateek’s native place, brought with it mesmerizing roads caved with trees, farmlands with surplus sugarcanes and Prateek’s huge stalk of stories from the place. Sitting in one of the farmland, eating sugarcanes we discussed how we can make our processes better in ColoredCow and also many anecdotes from Prateek’s childhood.


In less than 24 hours we had traveled across 2 states and visited 3 cities and with rest of Sunday at hand, we decided to add one more to our list- Dehradun. We had a reason too, a Wedding! In Dehradun, we were greeted with a warm homely welcome by  Tushar’s family and after more home cooked food and some friendly introduction with Joy (Tushar’s German Shepard), we were on our way to the wedding.


Wrapping the day with a wedding a celebration


In a typical work environment where you live for the weekend, ideally, as the Sunday evening was closing we would be worried about traveling late in the night or early in the morning to reach office. Just to be there in a tired state where we would not be able to work the entire day but isn’t being in office important to mark your presence! Maybe not.


Tushar, Vaibhav, and Abhishek enjoying working from Dehradun


We decided to stay back in Dehradun and work from there instead. Strangely even after the packed weekend, this Monday morning felt relaxed. Working from Tushar’s beautiful glasshouse, the day seemed much more serene and productive. Plus we had more reasons to celebrate, it was both Vaibhav and Tushar’s mom’s Birthday.


Celebrating birthdays and togetherness


Another round of celebrations ended on Monday, but this weekend was not ready to end! Before we decided to head back to our Tehri office, we went for one more Dehradun exploration. A trek on old Mussoorie road in morning, a good work day in the glasshouse and then we were ready to finally end a weekend that blended smoothly with the week.


Starting the day with a Trek