Guidelines for Interviews over Video Call
June 1, 2018

How to prepare, manage and succeed in your Google Hangout/Skype Interview.

Your interview creates your first impression for people you want to work with. You start a new journey and open new possibilities with an interview. When it is so important then why not give your best in it.

With the world going digital it is easier to conduct interviews over video and web-based technologies. It saves time, you don’t have to travel and reach the organization offices for the first rounds itself and this helps in moving the process faster. But as it is a new format a good preparation helps in creating a strong impact.

The following tips will impact the round greatly and will help you in preparing well for the interview like in the picture above.

Confirmation for the interview

  • Reply on the same email thread confirming your participation in the interview.
  • Accept the Google Calendar Invite as a confirmation of the timeslot.
  • Share your Skype ID as a backup, within the email thread, in advance.

Medium of Interaction

  • This interview will be over a Video Call.
  • The preferred mediums are Google Hangouts(primarily) or Skype(fallback).

System requirements

  • In case there is no exception, the call will happen over Google Hangouts.
  • You’ll receive a link within Google event invite to join the call.
  • You’ll need Chrome browser to run it smoothly (other browsers will hamper the video call).
  • Please make sure Chrome and Skype(in case it is used) are updated so that last minute updates don’t cause delays.


  • If you are lucky enough to have multiple devices choose the one you are most comfortable with and the one with the most reliable technology.
  • Kindly connect for the interview with your laptop, video calls over cell phones are discouraged.
    • As one of your hand is occupied in holding the phone, it creates a distraction for you, focus shifts from the interview to balancing the phone.
    • While taking a video call from your phone you tend to keep it near your face to give a clear view of yourself talking, but this prevents the interviewer from having a full view of you. (S)He can not see the way you are dressed, your body language, etc.
    • You miss out on the advantages that your non-verbal communication can create, you cannot use your gestures to explain yourself better.
  • Working webcam, headphones are essential for the call.
    • The video call is a replacement of a face to face interviewer, without a webcam it does not serves the purpose of the interviewer.
    • Speaking over in built speaker can be distracting for you as well the interviewer. Use the headphones as it avoids distraction.
  • A good internet connection, so that you can share you video or screen if needed.
  • If applying for a technical profile, kindly take the call from your development machine.
    • Development machine refers to the laptop/ desktop you use to code and work on.
    • We suggest this because you will be more comfortable on your own laptop. You will be aware of the softwares you have and where everything is.
    • This reduces pressure and you can easily code, if it is required.


  • Pick up a comfortable quiet location, where there are minimum background noises and disturbances.
    • The better you hear the questions the better you answer.
    • Background noices further break the momentum of discussion. Either you miss out what you are talking or the interviewer does.
  • Prefer a well lit place where you are clearly visible over the call.
  • The ideal scenario for the interview is a secluded room in which you can shut out distractions, control lighting, and display a generic background.

Test Call

  • Kindly conduct a test call at your end to see if everything is working well.
  • As a checklist, test your
    • Connection
    • Camera
    • Lighting
    • Sound
    • Video program (Google Hangouts/ Skype)
    • Make sure you are familiar with how it all works.
  • We will also be conducting a test call with you, 15 minutes prior to the scheduled interview time.
  • Plan for Glitches. Have a backup plan if something goes wrong the day of the interview.

How the interviewer should see you

Preparation for Interview

  • Come prepared, participating in the interview without knowing about the profile or the company is always a disadvantage.
  • Research and prepare your responses to expected interview questions like
    • What do you know about ColoredCow?
    • Why do you want to work with us?
    • Why should we pick you?
  • Formulate some questions you want to ask.
  • Determine a good professional outfit for the interview.

On the day of Interview

  • Test all equipments prior to the interview
  • Turn off apps and programs that might distract you during the interview.
  • Go to your interview location and shut out all distractions.
  • While participating in the interview, don’t sit with your friends/ family etc.
  • Be on time. Better be a bit before time.

During the interview

  • Relax. Have a conversation, ask questions and answer questions.
  • Use your non-verbals. Smile, make eye contact, use your hand gestures.
  • In case it’s a group interview, be attentive, listen where the conversation is heading and look for opportunities to talk rather than talking simultaneously with everyone.
  • For better clarity, keep your headphones on mute when others are talking to avoid echo disturbances.
  • It is a two way interaction, use the opportunity and feel free to ask questions.
  • Check out this Online Video Job Interview by OutwitTrade

Rescheduling the interview

  • If you are unable to attend interview on the mentioned slot. Kindly let us know at the earliest.
  • Last minute rescheduling requests is highly discouraged. This automatically leads to cancellation of candidature.
  • Last requests will be accommodated at max 24 hrs before the scheduled interview.

You’re ready to make a rocking appearance. Go and win the world!

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