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Tryst with Laravel – Supercharging DateTime manipulation with Carbon

By Tushar Bohra

January 19, 2018

Laravel has a beautiful support to include packages. This allows us to extend the functionalities of the framework to the project needs. With this we can easily have support of packages generic for PHP or specific to Laravel. One such PHP package that comes out of box with Laravel is…

Tryst with Laravel – Collections as substitute for Eloquent fetch

By Tushar Bohra

January 12, 2018

Laravel offers the Illuminate\Support\Collections as an ultimate powerful tool to work with arrays. Also the results of all Illuminate\Database\Eloquent queries are the instance of the Collection class. This makes collections a very important component of the Laravel ecosystem. I have couple of times performed operations in Collections which were too complicated to…

Tryst with Laravel – Quick recovery from Homestead MySql Crash

By Tushar Bohra

January 5, 2018

I am a huge fan of the Homestead development environment. Among all the other benefits that it offers the robust set of pre-installed packages makes working with it a huge delight. Also the peace of mind that comes with it being a complete separate installation not affecting resources on other…

Tryst with Laravel – Exploring Eloquent Model Events

By Tushar Bohra

December 29, 2017

Events provide a simple architecture and better code organisation. They open up a whole new dimension of interaction with the application code.   In Laravel, we have Eloquent model events which are fired when we perform some operation on the model.   For simpler understanding I usually classify them into two…

Effective use of magic methods in Laravel
By Pankaj Agarwal
Digging deep into the framework
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