Building a bot on WhatsApp with Suno Sunao for the unserved and underserved women in urban areas
Abhishek Sharma
June 18, 2022

Suno Sunao, an AI-powered video chatbot aims to empower women & vulnerable groups of the lesser served communities. Suno Sunao creates awareness minus the privilege of literacy, i.e. needing to type in a request or reading the response. The objective is to empower women with the information they need to enhance their decision-making in private and public life.

How will it work

  1. The chatbot will take the users through an onboarding flow which explains how to use the suno sunao chatbot.
  2. After onboarding, users will be expected to send voice messages of keywords under the topics that the chatbot is prepared to answer for.
  3. The chatbot will convert the audio messages to text and make it easy for the staff team to send the right response video to the user. The STT engine will provide the text which will be either displayed on the screen or sent to the staff whatsapp. 
    1. STT will be handled initially through manual intervention
    2. Google ASR will be integrated in an experiment mode
  4. As the system gets more accurate with speech to text and mapping it with user intent, the videos can be sent more accurately to the user.

Suno Sunao is supported by Salzburg Global Seminar and Nippon Foundation. The core team belongs to the first cohort of experts participating in the Japan-India Transformative Technology Network, and is receiving grants to build a prototype.