How we wrote the job descriptions: behind the scenes
Abhishek Sharma
March 28, 2018

We’re collecting a tribe of people who are driven to build meaningful ideas and solve challenging problems of the world. This can only happen with the right people who care for their craft and are passionate to contribute with their skills. And we’re really excited to see it happening at ColoredCow. Now we really care about the people who’d be joining us and we wanted to find the best way for it to show.



The job description was one of the communication points we found, to make an impact and connect with the people who would resonate. There are people who want to make real change in the world and do good work with other creative and passionate people. But they would never know we exist if we didn’t light our beacon first and put in our effort in being found.



Through these job descriptions we wanted to truly reflect who we are, what we believe and the culture we’re building. We did a deep inward look to be able to project that. To demonstrate the opportunities of growth and the challenges that come with it. To not be transactional through a checklist of skills, rather pave a way for forming a friendship and build a culture that empowers all talent.


Each of the job positions mean a lot to us or we wouldn’t have it. We wanted to capture the right spirit of the work involved in all the positions. To create a difference between “just doing the work” and doing the work that matters to the people. To create a difference between just checking out an open job position and exploring an opportunity.


And that’s how we did.