How we reused our work to ship faster
Vaibhav Rathore
December 2, 2017

In reference to KD‘s blog Catalogue work to reduce the cost to customers, we decided that we’ll go forward and build Clive’s website by re-using our cataloged work. The exercise was quite a challenge as we hardly did this before and we weren’t clear on the site’s final look also.


We planned a basic layout of the site based upon our cataloged work. It was targeted that most of the sections on the Clive’s site should come from our cataloged work and some primary parts we’ll have to build from scratch. It was mainly targeted to ship faster.


We started off with the mobile first approach. We picked the site’s header layout from one of our cataloged work and added animations from other cataloged work. Next, we moved to other sections. We realized that it wasn’t possible to completely reuse the code. Moreover, there were some areas where we later decided to build from scratch as the previous code wasn’t aligning with the site’s aesthetics. Overall, these areas were mixed. Some we built from scratch, some required minor tweaks, while some came naturally.


In the end, we were able to build a decent (I’m a humble person) website that primarily highlighted Clive’s work values. Other sections also made sure to reflect his business strategies, team and how people can reach him. The catalog made all this possible within less than a week and Clive is more than happy to have his work identity on the web so quickly.