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Why re-captcha for your WordPress sites

By Pankaj Kandpal

December 17, 2020

Re-captcha is a world-known technology used to distinguish human beings and bots. For businesses running on WordPress websites, we see it as a remarkable asset for a healthy website.Recently, we came across a lot many challenges and issues around the websites we cover for a Creative Marketing Agency. Some of…

How optimization can affect your marketing website

By Pankaj Kandpal

November 6, 2020

Here is the list of the very basic questions that come to mind for marketing through a website: How would it interact with the target audience? Will there be an exhausting delay in viewing even the front page? How much secure would it be for users to share their data?…

11 Must-have free WordPress plugins for any business website

By Vivek Amola

October 26, 2020

If you build websites on WordPress for businesses, you may have a list of go-to WordPress plugins that you use for most of them. If you don’t, this one’s for you.  Having built a ton of WordPress websites and plugins we realised a set of go-to plugins help in avoiding…

Maximizing design services
By Abhishek Sharma
A talk for greater product development & profitability by re-looking design services
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