Switching between multiple projects
Vaibhav Rathore
December 5, 2017

The perfection in multitasking is what everyone wants. Everybody juggles between multiple tasks and everybody wants to master the art. Not everyone works on large-scale applications. These applications have full-time dedicated resources constantly fixing bugs, building new features and maintaining the environments. These applications are rare. Not everyone owns a giant organization that needs a giant application. Applications come to us in all range and sizes, and we (generally) take them in.

But working on multiple small projects is troublesome for any company/developer. Getting into the zone gets harder as you have to constantly switch between projects. Switching takes time. You have to switch to open a whole new workspace on your machine. Commitments get harder to fulfill as any unprecedented emergency in another project compels you to take care of the priority first. Interacting with multiple clients and having several calls in a week. Productivity goes down. The work seems risky. But it’s not if you follow Batman.


Talking about smaller tasks/projects, nobody can work on 4 projects simultaneously every day for a month. But you can easily do 1 per week, hence, 4 per month. The initial planning and commitments are important to you and your client. Work on high priority tasks first and commit less important ones for later. Communicating your plan and schedule with all your clients before time helps to make your task list clean and also negotiate/rearrange if one delivery needs to be done sooner. Be always three steps ahead than you are today.

We believe in making connections and it’s important for us to ship more in less time. We devised a 40-hour theory to handle these small requests from our clients. You can devise your own methods based on your ethics.