Come out of the shell
Vaibhav Rathore
November 23, 2017

We are a small problem-solving organization. We need problem solvers, not developers or designers or marketers or managers. For an organization with a size of ours, if everyone sticks to their own domain, it’ll soon die. If a developer thinks he just needs to code and ship the tasks he’s assigned, then we’re dead. If a manager thinks he just needs to allocate items to everyone and leave, then we’re dead.

There are a lot of things to learn. And lots of distractions as well. We need to choose where we want to be expert and where we should just stick around and have enough knowledge. A chef should be a master of cooking, but he should also know how he can market himself. Similarly, a software developer can be a master of tech but should know how to interact with clients and understand their needs. It’s not necessary, but it’s always better to be aware and be of value in times of crisis.


It’s easy. It’s common sense.

Ever thought about how a piston in a combustion engine transmits force while purchasing a car? Of course not. But knowing that the engine converts the heat energy, somewhat like a thermal power plant, and uses it to produce motion in the wheels might be just enough to figure a way out when you’re alone and stuck in a forest.

The only thing needed is a gentle push to come out of the shell and take a step out from your comfort zone. Just thinking of about marketing strategies could be a nightmare for a developer like me, but if knowledge of just one thing about marketing can help us survive in this world, we need to go for it.

I always wanted to be a hardcore-techie, stuck to the dark screen, but here I am, blogging about common sense. Hope you got the point.