How to boost educational domain e-commerce sales through product package
Kuldeep Upreti
November 19, 2020

If you have an educational domain e-commerce website and you are facing difficulties to increase the sales, or users are facing issues while browsing the products and buying them, then we can help you in increasing your e-commerce sales by creating packages from the products.

Whenever a user visits the site for buying a product ( course ), he/she needs to scroll and explore the website for the product (course ), which is quite a complicated and time taking process for the user. Can we develop a feature, by which the user gets a link, and on visiting the link, the multiple products ( package ) gets added to his/her cart, with the discount coupon to reduce the user effort and increase the sales?

As cited in the above problem description, earlier the user requires to get logged in to the website, to explore, choose, and purchase the products ( courses ).

To create such a way, we merged multiple products ( courses ) into a single package with the discount coupon that can be applied directly on the cart associated with the package.

While creating the package, a link is generated that can be shared with the users, such that if any user clicks on the link, the products ( courses ) in the package can be easily added to the cart along with the discount coupon without logging in or signing up on the website.