Get that gangrene out!
Abhishek Sharma
November 25, 2017
Sometimes we get approached for projects that does not go along with our true nature of the company. The body of this work can define a new arm of the company as it extends the business and sometimes it may feel like a gangrened part, because it can kill one part of the body. (It doesn’t become gangrene in one day or for one reason).
This part can hurt in terms of cost, and the fact that it interferes with the functioning of rest of the company. For a small company it can impact greatly as everyone needs to be aligned in the same direction and push towards the goal to achieve it. It can’t afford a gangrene because the full body needs to perform at its optimum.


It’s easy to say yes to work being small, but it can dilute the overall vision. Say, you want to make the best cakes in the world and because you know how, and you’re starting out, you may be tempted to take on the orders of baking cookies, because of many reasons like, you maybe interested in the customer etc…  but it’s going to slow you down to bake the best cakes. You may become a bakery that makes cakes and bread instead of being the bakery that makes the best cakes. You can choose to mould the same flour, sugar, butter the way you want.


This kind of work can come to you because you looked capable and open to be booked for that. Being a product development company, we need to have strong design and tech capabilities, and when we were approached for work that was inclined more towards graphic design, we accepted it because we could see many possibilities with that work. As we lost track of converting those possibilities, the cost of the project, its timeline, became enough reasons to give us a sense that the body is not unified towards one goal and there may be a gangrene.


If you’re that baker, you need to know how long you’ll take those cookies orders and you needs to know how it will contribute in your dream of baking the best cakes. We know we’re onto making the best products.