Your business don't need a Website
March 12, 2014

Or your business don’t need a Facebook page, or a Twitter account, or anything of that sort if you don’t have answer for the following question –

What are the 3(at least!) most important outcomes that you wish to get from your website(Facebook, Twitter, etc)?

Outcomes could either be actions that the user performs on your website, e.g. buying merchandise or a takeaway message, e.g. save water.

Digital or online activities are not different from any other non-digital activities .  Do it only if it makes business sense. If having a real store is important for your business, where customers can come for touch & feel the product, having a website to place the repeat order online can be equally important.

Ask the “outcome” question while launching your online efforts. And in case your online efforts are not working as desired, sit down and think whether you know what business objectives you want to drive from your website. I’ll be more than happy to help you out to verify the mapping of your business objectives and online efforts, just drop me a line.