Building a Stage
June 13, 2015

At Colored Cow, we’re trying to identify and build a community of people who are passionate about technology. We want to give back to this community all that we have learnt through our experience. We’re doing it by creating a platform for them.

On, we found a group of people who wanted to come together to share and exchange ideas. Since their interest aligned with ours, we decided to host them at our office.

There was a minor problem with the meetup; only the organizer, Kuldeep had arrived. Now, Kuldeep has a vast experience in code testing, and that became the topic of our discussion.Despite the absence of the other people, Colored Cow had a cohesive discussion about testing and his professional life.   He has changed many companies to find the fit for him but he found something lacking. To scratch his itch, he launched a consulting company too and we spotted his drive to do what he wanted. Colored Cow’s community aims to have more people like Kuldeep in our network. This network will allow people with aligning concerns to achieve what they want.


Few takeaways about us:

  • We’re curious to learn.
  • We’ll be an intelligent audience for your ideas.
  • We would love to build a community with you.


In Discussion with Kuldeep

In Discussion with Kuldeep

Bounce ideas off people, not a wall.

Bounce ideas off people, not a wall.


Sneak peak into fun after an intense discussion-


Feast and rain

The inspired ones.The team.

The inspired ones. The team.