Do you have enough Customers to survive?
January 28, 2014

You started your business with a dream of turning your greatest passion into creation of a road to freedom and independence. Unlike so many people who just talk about it, you put your neck on the line with a dream to grow and prosper.

You’ve been running your business for some time now and REVENUES are stubbornly LOW. Reasons for this can be so many, customers have far too many choices, competition wants to kill you, operational costs are soaring high, and on and on.

This certainly wasn’t what you dreamed of when you decided to start your own business.

For survival being lucky is not enough. You have to implement all the Business Basics, like collecting Customer Feedback industriously.

I went to a local coffee shop in Gurgaon. This was the different one from the shop I daily go to get caffeinated. I found their coffee a bit expensive and Coffee was also not so great. I simply left the place and decided to not to go there again. The shop owner doesn’t know that he missed a chance to earn a wanna be loyal customer.

I don’t know it’s that the shop owner  doesn’t care about my feedback or he doesn’t know how to ask for feedback. I want to believe that  it’s the latter.

There are so many creative ways to collect the feedback, without troubling your customers. You should put a little extra effort to do so. Again, being LUCKY is not enough, so go ahead and review your business plan to see, if all the business basics are in place. Feel free to get in touch with me, in case you want to brainstorm about the way to successfully implementing Business Basics.